Antique Vintage Quaker Lace Tablecloths

Antique Vintage Quaker Lace Tablecloths

Just in: lace tablecloths for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners! Just in: vintage Quaker lace tablecloth that measures 62" by 75", two matching Irish crochet lappets, a vintage Quaker lace tablecloth that measures 63" by 81", a vintage Quaker lace tablecloth that measures 65" by 91", a hand crocheted tablecloth, a vintage Quaker lace table runner with Great Dane dogs woven into the lace, a 62" by 72" vintage Quaker lace tablecloth, a 68" by 89" vintage Quaker lace runner in cream, a pair of Arts and Crafts era crocheted moths, an Arts and Crafts era linen runner with lavish lace and tatted tassels, an tightly woven vintage Quaker lace tablecloth in a rectangular pattern, a vintage Quaker lace tablecloth with a huge leaf pattern, an antique Quaker Lace tablecloth that measures 60" by 111", a vintage Quaker Lace tablecloth that's 48" by 65" with an over-all floral pattern, an antique Quaker Lace tablecloth that measures 64" by 86", a nylon lace tablecloth that may be a Quaker, a copy of a 1913 Quaker Lace advertisement that helps Quaker Lace lovers identify patterns, an antique hand crocheted lace tablecloth with figural dancing couples that measures 66" by 100", a 36" by 86" Quaker lace tablecloth, a pair of vintage nylon lace curtain panels with a glossy finish, a pair of vintage lace curtain panel with a very bold floral pattern, a 1940s lace curtain panel with a 40s frond pattern, four nylon curtain panels with a tailored pattern, three yards of 44" wide lace. And more!

For a larger photo and information about a specific piece, click on the small photograph or description.
Quaker tablecloth I'm not a scholar of Quaker lace tablecloths, but I can tell you that this is one of the most beautiful, most intricate Quaker lace cloths that we've had in a long while. Fine, creamy off-white cotton with a delicate rectangular medallion in the center, trademark Quaker looped hem, scalloped edge, and luxurious drape. Quaker label is still here; it says, "Quaker Dinner Cloth No. 6100." This antique Quaker lace tablecloth measures 72" by 89". Mint condition. Perhaps never used. Freshly laundered and hung out to dry in the clean Wisconsin air!
Antique Quaker Lace Tablecloth Mint w/ Label
antique Irish lace Two matching Irish crochet lappets. Both in near-mint condition, with no flaws at all. As with all Irish crochet, it is wonderfully intricate and three-dimensional. Both are 7" wide at the widest end, by 25" long. Heavy cotton. Both are kind of irregular at the top end, since that's where they were detached from their original garment. But they were very carefully detached, with NO raveling. Both lappets for this price, of course.
Two Exquisite Antique Irish Crochet Lappets
arts crafts era lace I have two of these, as you can see, but this price is for just one large, Arts and Crafts era, crocheted moth. 18" wide, from wing tip to wing tip, by 7" high, from tip of antenna to bottom. (You can tell it is a moth from by the antenna.) Heavy cotton. Mint condition.
Large Antique Arts and Crafts Crocheted Moth
Quaker lace cloth One of my all-time favorite Quaker lace tablecloths, complete with grapes in the pattern! Very heavy cotton, with the spaces between flowers, vines, and fronds done in a very open weave. Scalloped edge with the Quaker trademarked looped hem edging. Cream colored. This vintage Quaker tablecloth measures 65" by 91". Mint condition. Perhaps never used. Freshly laundered.
Quaker Lace Tablecloth Spectacular Pattern!
Quaker lace cloth Gorgeous cotton Quaker lace tablecloth with a very tightly woven pattern that provides maximum coverage of your table. Very frothy! Slightly scalloped edge with trademarked Quaker lace looped edging for the trim. This Quaker lace tablecloth measures 63" by 81". Off-white. Freshly laundered. Mint condition.
Very Tightly Woven Quaker Lace Tablecloth Mint
crocheted tablecloth Heavy cotton, hand crocheted tablecloth in mint condition. Cream colored. Scalloped edge. 49" by 85". Mint condition.
Hand Crocheted Lace Tablecloth Mint Condition

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